Spanish Holiday Kate Cann

ISBN: 9780613719544

Published: April 1st 2004



Spanish Holiday  by  Kate Cann

Spanish Holiday by Kate Cann
April 1st 2004 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9780613719544 | 3.56 Mb

Despite my lousy rating, I enjoyed this quite a bit—the cover and description promised fluff, and they delivered. Its the end of Lauras gap year, and shes spending the summer in Spain with two friends and a friends boyfriend...but its not going quite as planned. Her friends boyfriend is determined to find as much of England as he can in Spain- Laura feels like shes been cast as the dissident- none of them are getting along.Opportunity knocks, and Laura grabs it with both hands (while her friends reluctantly follow).

And then a boy knocks, know the drill. Drama ensues.Now...a lot of my enjoyment of this came of the fact that they were in Spain! On holiday! And Im still sorry to not still be in Spain (even if my experience was nothing like Lauras, except perhaps that both of us saw improvement in our language skills).

Its also clearly a book marketed to a slightly older audience than a lot of the YA I read- although this was very clearly YA, the characters are older and more independent and more sexually confident. Sometimes that worked better for me than others (could very happily have done without the occasional slut-shaming), but it was nice to see characters who werent wrapped up in the idea that loss of virginity and True Love go hand in hand.What dragged it down was that the characters are...not so pleasant.

Lauras generally the most pleasant, which is fortunate, since were in her head the whole time. Yaz seems like a firecracker at first, but she and Laura get in a pretty epic pissing match over who can get the cute guy—they and Ruth are supposed to be best friends, but cripes, with friends like that...meanwhile Ruth lets herself, and often Laura and Yaz, be a doormat for Tom, who is basically a troll—and thats an insult to trolls. Hes selfish, boorish, incredibly rude to everyone, petty, ignorant, xenophobic, racist...he has, literally, no redeeming qualities.

(Hes supposed to be good in bed, and I think thats supposed to be his redeeming quality, but I cant imagine someone so selfish giving a girl much of a good time.) occurred to me that beyond Yaz being a firecracker and Ruth not being herself since shes been dating Tom, I never really learned anything about these characters.

Theyre going to uni, but to study what? What makes them friends? What do they want, beyond this summer? Why are they all so insecure that any one of them (yes, Im including Laura here) would throw over her friends when a cute boy beckons? Juan is supposed to be hot stuff (obviously), but Im not sold on him either, not when he encourages Laura to ditch her friends and (view spoiler)[breaks all sorts of ties with his mother (hide spoiler)]

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